Holidays Could Last Forever

These past few weeks have been wonderful, and I want to make the very most of my last few days of freedom!

I have:

  1. Visited London on a day trip with my crazy mother.
  2. Learnt how to make scones.
  3. Watched the outstanding ‘Girls Trip’ with an old friend.
  4. Painted with a child I used to work with, and tutor.
  5. Visited three different coasts in the UK, and loved spending time at each and every one.
  6. Seen my most fantastic friend and life saver, from my time at uni – she’s been travelling for two and a half years, and I hadn’t quite realised how much I miss the wonderful girl!
  7. Baked a cake (and learnt that out oven is most certainly, broken).
  8. Eaten a ridiculous amount of afternoon tea, and loved almost every one!
  9. Read four fascinating stories.
  10. Spent and overwhelmingly large amount of time trying to work out why things happen, and still come any further in my understan.

There are also two things that I need to think a little more about, and because they’re not particularly happy things, I’m going to save them for something else.


I Had The Chance To Experience What Others Have

Surrounding myself with people from all walks of life is fantastic.

I love talking to them. Hearing what people want to share, and responding with surprise, shock and joy can reward them immensely. But hiding my disappointment, shame and disgust is something that I have learnt to do far too well. I love when you can read others  thoughts Рa chance to really connect with other is so rare and special.

I’ve learnt what other’s appreciate in human beings; what they’ve lived through and survived and I’ve also discovered things that people have willingly done that make me realise, ‘I don’t like knowing that piece of information’.

I’ve never been able to ‘picture this…’, but I’ve always been curious to understand others’ emotions. This week I spent time with my favourite 80 year old, and I knew how much it meant; having the rare chance to socialise, go out in public and enjoy an afternoon tea was something I took for granted. But spending time together gets me thinking, I need to be more appreciative.

The Feelings In Our Gut Actually Prepared Us

My stomach has been in knots for a few weeks now. Today I was finding out if I was getting something that truly would change my life for the better.

Now the thing that’s only just occurred to me is; it’ll still be happening, just not in the next two weeks.

I begged, pleaded and came far too close to tears. Those plans have been put on hold for two months, which I’ve got to remind myself is manageable!

Eight weeks trying to adhere to rules and jump through hoops, then fingers cross it’ll be a yes! It’s a miracle I got this far, but now the rules have officially been set and no more fence posts are being moved, I’ve just got to keep going.

Last week I’d told myself I was going to be let down, but too much optimism had caused me to re-think. 

Lesson has been learnt and I will trust my instincts next time!

We could have a say in our future

A couple of times every year I catch myself thinking about what the future holds.

I’d love to know where I’ll live, how I’ll grow and if I’ll ever fall in love?

For the past three years especially, I’ve felt although being in a relationship, and trying to help make someone else’s life a little better, might be something I’m ready for.

I’m scared of being hurt, of not finding someone to love and I’m petrified that I’ll never know what love actually is.

I may be young in the grand scheme of things, but I feel so ready!

My parents are ready to become grandparents, and I would love nothing more than to have a couple of little ones running around, laughing at the unknown and causing mayhem.

The chance to marry the mystery man of my dreams makes me so unbelievable excited. I just really hope that it happens soon and I wish I could put an age on when it could happen.


I love having friends, the good kind that make you smile and seem just get you! I also find it tough when you have the chance to sit back and reflect on your wonderful times together and realise that one, or both of you have grown up and maybe taken a path a little unexpected.

Right now, I’m feeling a little bit like I need to “update my friendship wardrobe”. It’s a horrid feeling, but so is the realisation that it’s important to have those around you to inspire, motivate and reward!

Now I need to learn, how does a 20-something go out and make lots of new friends? Any advice, I will happily receive!